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Mido Replica is the original, most coveted Speedmaster ever made. It was the watch that created one of the biggest legends in watchmaking history. And it is the watch most closely linked to the space program, which was the most important advancement in humankind in the 20th Century.

James Dean would undoubtedly have an Mido Replica Speedmaster CK2915 if he had survived to test his Porsche Spyder in the two years after 1955. It was the first auto racing chronograph. It was the first watch to have a tachymeter placed on its bezel for maximum visibility. What is a tachymeter, exactly? A tachymeter is a scale which,Mido Replica when combined with the stopwatch feature of a chronograph, can be used to calculate an average speed for a certain distance. If you are completing a kilometer-long lap, and then stop your chronograph to read the average speed, your seconds hand will display your average speed relative to the tachymeter.

Mido Replica Speedmaster CK2915 is one of the most distinctive sport watches ever created. The dial was matte black and featured elegant, yet high-visibility luminous attenuated indexes. The watch had three counters: one for continuous second, another for 30-minute counter, and a 12-hour clock which was essential for endurance races. It featured a brilliantly original hour hand known as the Broad Arrow because of its unique shape. This was combined with a minute hand that was equally aggressive, both treated in luminous material. It was a large-sized watch at the time, measuring 38mm. This is the first Speedmaster model to have straight lugs instead of the lyre-shaped lugs used on the ST 105.12.

1957 Mido Replica Speedmaster CK2915

The Trilogy -- Mido Replica Speedmaster's 60th Anniversary

Raynald Aeschlimann is Mido Replica's CEO. "When it comes limited edition tributes, we have taken different approaches, often mixing vintage and modern elements." To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Speedmaster, we wanted to pay homage in the most faithful way to the very first watch that started the Speedmaster Legend. Jean-Claude Monachon is Mido Replica's Head of Product Development. "We actually disassembled the original CK2915 and 3D scanned all the parts to reproduce the correct dimensions and even the exact font of the bezel and dial."

Mido Replica chose to color the Super Luminova the same as vintage tritium, and give the dial a slightly tropicalized look to mimic the ageing of vintage watches. Cal. is the only modern upgrade. The 1861 is a modern version of the 861. Introduced in 1968, the 861 was used for the Speedmaster. This movement is a much more reliable and easier to setup switching cam than the column wheel used in the cal. The 321 was used in the original CK2915.

Mido Replica movement caliber 1861

The Speedmaster 60th anniversary CK2915 was released in 2017 as a limited edition with 3,557 watches. This immediately sparked a worldwide frenzy, resulting in significant premiums being paid on the secondary market. When I first wore my watch, one of the most famous vintage experts in the world thought that I was wearing a vintage original.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches Due to the rarity of original CK2915-1 or CK2915-2 Speedmasters, the only ones with Broad Arrow hands, they command prices of hundreds of thousands.

William Roberts is the founder of Speedmaster 101 and the most renowned vintage Mido Replica collector in the world. He has allowed me to try on some of the finest examples of the original CK 2915. As much as I love these watches, I'd be nervous wearing one every day, never mind jumping into a swimming pool or riding a motorcycle with it.

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