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Here, we will not focus on service dials but rather on the main production. Marks (MK), one to five (1-5), are the designations. The dials featured a large triangular hour marker at 12 o’clock, and rectangular hour markers between 6 and 9 o’clock. The minute track contains the remaining hour markers, which are extra-bold minute marks. The dial becomes a bit busier on the outer edge,Franck Muller Swiss Replica where the 24-hour markers are offset from the hour markers. The dial has a distinctive appearance, which led to some collectors calling it the Disco Dial due to its similarity to a disco floor from the 1970s with square flashing light panels. The dials are marked with different text.

The MK1 was the first version of this watch. It had a large coronet with a foot rounded on Rolex's R. The dial's bottom was marked with T SWISS.

The MK2 dial is similar to that of the MK1. Collectors have given this coronet the name Frog Foot because it is more splayed and has heavier dots at the tips. It can also be found on the Rolex Explorer reference. 1016). Another big difference is in the spacing between the words PERPETUAL. The MK2 is smaller than the MK1; the top of the L aligns with the bottom stroke of the X of ROLEX. (On the MK1, the A of PERPETUAL was below the X). The MK2 has T SWISS on the bottom edge, which indicates the use of tritium.

The MK3 is a noticeable difference due to the Rail Dial, as it's called by collectors. The MK2 coronet is wider, more defined and symmetrical. The outer edge is still marked with T SWISS.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica The text SUPERLATIVE OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED in the lower half of the dial gives away the MK3. The vertical alignment of the letters C in CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED creates a vertical gap between the two lines. It is also seen on some references. 1665 Sea-Dwellers.

The MK4 has a coronet that is narrower and taller than the MK2. The text alignment for the letter L is identical to the MK2. This change is most visible at the bottom of the dial where it reads in serif typeface T SWISS 25 T. This meant that the tritium paint used to paint the hour markers emitted less than 25mCi.